The Primary Focus Of Your Church’s Website

We get several requests per month for new church websites and a good 50% of all of those initial conversations the pastor or comms director is asking about features that they do not need—yet. We are here to give you a starting point if you are a small church (less than 100 in weekly attendance) you need to accomplish this one goal on your website.

Whether your church is just now considering its first website or your church has had a website for years, the importance and role are the same—to reach new people in your community. In other words, outreach.

The primary job of a church website is to attract and educate potential new visitors. Do not over complicate it. Every church starts here. No matter if you are a church of fifteen, fifty, or even fifteen hundred, the church website is used to answer some very basic questions for anyone who is considering a visit. The catch is—the website must look great doing it. People will not read your website if it is ugly and/or too complicated—it must be well designed too.

If your church’s website is well designed it allows a person to do a little fact-finding about your church—in the safety of their own time and place. They can explore all the questions they have and perhaps learn a bit about what to expect should they make a visit.

In essence—you empower the people you seek—to find you.

This will also extend your guest or visitor experience well before they ever step foot in your church.

So if you are a small church with a website or a new church looking to start one do not get caught up with all the razzle-dazzle and extras you see with larger church websites. You do not need most of those tools—yet. There are secondary and tertiary jobs we want to accomplish but your needs, for now, are simple. Inform and educate potential visitors about your church, your beliefs, and what to expect.

There will be a time and place for the online sermons, the pastor’s blogs, the cell group agendas, and certainly the weekly event calendars but for now . . . for now your church website only needs to serve the lost or unchurched who are looking for you.

Curious about the secondary role of your church’s website? Learn more here.

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