The Second Focus Point Of Your Church’s Website Should Be.

Earlier we discussed the single most important job of your church website—to attract and educate potential new visitors. You can find it here. That said, this does not mean that we cannot get so much more from our church’s website. 

The original article was written to clear the air about what smaller churches actually need to effectively launch a new church website and help their ministry grow. This way they can focus on what really matters. 

For churches that are growing or that have aggressive outreach ministries and members, then you can begin focusing on the second most important job of your church’s website—empower your members.

The secondary job of your church’s website is to empower members with tools to witness, uplift, and invite anyone who needs Jesus. From quick reference scriptures, apologetics tools, welcome videos, lessons, and online sermons. 

When you ask your church to invite their friends or family members, do you empower them? Do you provide tools for them to easily invite and inform their friends and colleagues? Do your members tell friends and family to check out the church’s website for more info? Can your members share a link to last week’s message that they felt would speak to their spouse? Can your members watch a message online with their struggling friend . . . without getting distracted from the Facebook feed or commercials?

If your church website looks great, serves potential new visitors, and enhances your guest experience—then you are ready to begin focusing on providing resources for your members to evangelize, educate, and invite. Almost any website platform will allow for easy addition of videos, pdf downloads, or other information such as scripture reference or links. 


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